Saturday, November 17, 2018



Event Description

In response to the repeated requests from area farmers for Rudolf Steiner to provide guidance on how they could reverse the trend of soil degradation and reduced yields, Steiner gave an eight-part lecture series on agriculture. These lectures outlined principles to improve soil and plant health; afterwards they became the basis of biodynamic farming. Steiner offered a perspective on trees that was rather radical for his time in 1924. Still today, a reading of his lectures continues to provide a unique and refreshing understanding of Earth’s largest and oldest life forms — trees. This presentation focuses on two concepts introduced by Steiner: the interconnectedness of trees to their soil environment, and the tree consisting of herbaceous plants “rooted” to the branches and trunk of a tree. An understanding of Steiner’s description of trees can deepen anyone’s relationship with trees. The principles outlined, nearly 100 years ago, are still relevant today for homeowners addressing soil degradation and plant disorders in residential landscapes.