Thursday, November 15, 2018



Event Description

We will summarize chapters 4 and 5 of Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture Course after a brief introduction. We will then offer a hands-on demonstration of:

1. Stuffing manure in cow horns and stirring the finished preparation

2. Grinding quartz crystals and packing a cow horn

3. Stuffing a stag's bladder with yarrow flowers and showing one that's been hanging all summer

4. Stuffing intestines with chamomile flowers and making a few "sausages"

5. Rehydrating stinging nettle, packing it into clay tiles, and covering with a screen

6. Grinding oak bark and explaining how it is put in the skull (using a dry skull for the demonstration)

7. Making dandelion pillows with a mesentery

8. Making the valerian preparation with dry flowers

9. Chopping up horsetail, making a tea, and describing the fermentation process

We will describe how and when all of these are buried, and we will show several examples of each of these as finished products and explain how they are used and stored. We do not plan to go into the deeper esoteric ideas or experiments, but instead stay with the simple instructions we read in chapters 4 and 5.