Lloyd Nelson has been practicing the art of biodynamic agriculture for over twenty years, working extensively on biodynamic projects across the U.S. He is a preparation maker, builder, artist, farmer, arborist, biodynamic educator, and consultant. He is co-founder of Biodynamic Source — a Colorado based non-profit specializing in high-potency biodynamic preparations — and he owns and operates a biodynamic spray, fertilizer, and consultation service. He has worked with small and large-scale farms, vineyards, and orchards to transition to sustainable biodynamic land management and Demeter Biodynamic certification.

Lloyd has worked extensively on biodynamic projects from temperate rain forest to high mountain desert and tropical island zones. His work was inspired by a three-year apprenticeship in the Bio-intensive (biodynamic/French intensive) growing method with the great landscape architect, Craig Siska, director of Allan Chadwick Archives. Lloyd has a strong biodynamic foundation, living and working at the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics (a non-profit company dedicated to the production of biodynamic preparations) under the guidance of Hugh Courtney, the premier biodynamic prep maker in the United States, where he also served for seven years on the board of directors.

Lloyd is also an active member of the Fellowship of Preparation Makers Serving on the following committees: Fellowship Conference planning, Preparation Quality Evaluation, Steering Commitee-SG2, and Demeter Biodynamic Standards Advisory Committee.