Friday, November 16, 2018



Event Description

Philip Lyvers is working with esoteric science to create health in a large-scale hog herd and fight disease for which the swine industry only has one answer: vaccines. By working with esoteric/occult sciences and consciousness, he has been able to make changes and improvements in the herd — and has 18 years of extensive records to help him describe the changes he sees and why they occurred. After farming conventionally for decades, Philip began making and using the biodynamic preparations and has been working with spiritual science and biodynamic techniques to change his hog herd, corn and wheat crops, and vegetable gardens. Philip will share how he came to understand the approach he uses today, including unconventional biodynamic preparation applications and The Tree of Life as it relates to the farm and consciousness. His aim is to help inspire a way we can all work towards creating abundant health in animal, farm, and human — through the spirit.